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This Saturday program will be focused on “NRN Hard work in Nepal”.

Program for Saturday October 7th, 2017
•   Live program
•   Memorial love songs
•   Program “Jigyasa”

On “Jigyasa” program, we are going to take a live interview of “Mr. Khem Sharma” from Sydney, Australia who had cleaned up so well, “Tribhuwan International Airport” in Kathmandu, the Nepal only International airport and got a world wide recognition from the community for working so Hard in the project. He made all NRN proud and noticeable in the eyes of Nepalese. He will be dialing up the studio from Australia so don’t miss his words on our live show and don’t forget to tune in CMR 101.3 FM or FB’s live; www.facebook.com/NamasteRadioToronto and you can listen it from our website; www.yenamaste.com at 7:30am Toronto time.

Note: Namaste Radio (Voice of the Nepalese community) would like to wish you all a very Happy Long-weekend and Thanksgiving.

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