Shiningpens.com is simply a digital platform for the writers who love to tell IDEASSTORIES and EXPERIENCES through their creative pens and for the readers who value that reading is a worth of human life. Shiningpens.com, founded and envisioned by two enthusiastic youths from Australia, opens an all-inclusive door to the ‘writers without borders’ either beginners or well-practicing ones, around the world to publish their blogs and articles on this platform.

Shiningpens.com gives out THE ANNUAL SHININGPENS WRITER AWARD OF US$ 1500.00 (US$ one thousand five hundred dollars) or the equivalent of it to any currency to one of its published writers based on the best meeting of the conditions set out by Shiningpens.com.

Shiningpens Basics



It is a free registration as a writer to access the system to type and publish an article. One needs to create an account and enter a brief bio of one-line or two as a writer/blogger. General public as readers can read articles without an account.


Ideas and experiences that is socially valid and appropriate for the writers to write and for the readers in public to read. Could be your own story of life that can give some ‘take away’, anything like pleasure, knowledge, ideas and energy for others to amuse or learn or to live in the world. ​

Age Group

Minors, Teens, Youths, Adults and Seniors all and everyone can shine their pens on this platform. No age restriction to write and publish articles/blogs on Shiningpens.com.


It is in the English language only at the moment. Shorter the better to hook up readers. Word count of any write-up is, however, 700 words or plus and ideally between1000-1500 words.


It is open to the world. Writers living in any continents and at any corners of the world are welcomed to publish their articles/blogs on any topics of their choice, preference and expertise.

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Anything that you learn, feel, experience, observe around your daily life while you live on the mother Earth…


Anything that gives opinions, that informs or educates you or others to help ease the way of living and…


We meet new people, do new activities, eat new food, try different things, visit new places and more…

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