MG Associates

MG Associates is a boutique education consultancy handled by a group of young and dynamic people which was established in 2017. Our offices are in Australia and Nepal. Currently we are working from Sydney, Australia and Pokhara, Nepal. We have a contact office in Kathmandu, Nepal as well.

We provide education counselling and visa services to those people who want to pursue their study in Overseas (i.e., especially in Australia at present). We can process and enrol in almost all institutions and universities of Australia. In addition, we provide other services such as Tax Lodgement, Accounting, job oriented Training, Travel and Ticketing, Accommodation arrangement, Airport pickup, Job referral, etc. through our partners to our clients as per their needs. Moreover, we are providing guardianship for our students in foreign land as long as our clients trust us.

Our team is composed of skilled, experienced, qualified and like-minded people who have years of experience in this education industry. Thus, we better understand 21st century’s clients’ needs, expectations and requirements and act accordingly to accomplish our mutual goals. Our sincerity, maturity and experiences are key strengths for our business. We believe in quality services rather than quantity. Hence, we always focus on value addition in our clients’ career and life. Therefore, our counselling services are based on realistic and timely rather than generic statements.

We do business by prioritizing our clients and community. We believe in the power of clients’ words and trust. Therefore, we have a strong belief in WOM (word of mouth) marketing rather than fascinating advertisements.

The consulting business is very competitive but we are gaining more trust from our clients and partners due to our different approach, working procedure and thought. We believe a good consultancy can only provide the right path to their clients and ultimately clients will achieve their goal which is eventually benefited by the community as well.

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Our Services

What we do:

  • Deliver information rather than fascinated advertisement
  • Provide proper advice and guidance to students for overseas study
  • Advise based on reality and practical cases rather than selling dreams
  • Act as educational consultant rather than educational agent
  • Understand the value and time of our clients’

Migration & Visa Services

Australia is a multicultural country and there are so many people from different parts of the world. They are here on different visas. Therefore, we advise, guide and assist our clients for their visa options and process as per their eligibility and their purposes. We assist you to prepare documents and guide you to write a statement of purpose and GTE requirements for your student visa. We will advise your visa options as per your qualifications, interest and the purposes. Tiny mistakes in the visa process will have high chances to reject the visa.Therefore, we will provide visa services from our registered migration agent in Australia. At present our migration agent service is provided with the partnership of Sunshine Migration Service. Sunshine Migration Service is a registered migration agent in Australia. Therefore, for your peace of mind for the visa process please contact us. Currently, we are providing services for the following visas.

Education Counselling Services

Education Counselling Services (International Students)

  • Helping you to choose the best possible university/college that suits your budget and career goals,
  • Providing  pros and cons of different available options
  • Processing for enrolment to the university/college of your choice
  • Guiding you to write SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Guiding you for documentations
  • Assisting you to get scholarship (if available and if you are eligible)

Career Counselling Services

  • Guiding you to understand your passion and desired goals
  • Assisting you to identify your strengths and weakness
  • Assisting you to choose a better career
  • Assisting you for proper career planning
  • Answering your queries regarding risk factors while choosing your career
  • Giving proper knowledge about studying in abroad
  • Giving proper information about life in abroad
  • Developing leadership quality in you

Accounting, Taxation And Business Services

  • Preparation for Tax File Number Application
  • Preparation for ABN Application (Sole Trader, UBER, ACN members, Partnership and Company)
  • Business Name Registration
  • Company Registration
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  • Accounting Software Setup (Xero, Quickbook, MYOB etc)
  • Preparation of BAS, GST, IAS
  • Preparation of Financial Reports etc.
  • Tax lodgement of Individuals, Partnerships, Companies etc
  • Departing Australia Super Payment Process –

 if you are temporary visa holders and leaving Australia Permanently




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