The pursuit of justice is at the heart of every air force goal. So, of course, pilots` rights are highly valued and defended and supported by leading legal minds such as the Air Force Judge Lawyers (JAG). These highly qualified lawyers deal with a wide range of legal issues, including international law, operational law, environmental law, and matters relating to military and civilian personnel. From process preparation to post-trial actions, they provide important legal advice at every stage of the process. It`s always helpful to have a lawyer – and sometimes you really need one. However, finding and paying for a lawyer can seem overwhelming or impossible. Learn how to find a lawyer that`s right for you, including through legal aid and lawyers` recommendations. To find your local legal advisor, use our “Find Your Legal Aid” tool or visit Legal Aid and Lawyers. In civil cases such as divorce or foreclosure, you do not have the same “right to a lawyer”. In this case, low-income people can find help through legal aid. There are also bar referral services for bar associations that can put anyone in touch with a lawyer to hire them.

There are many ways to find an attorney to help you with your civil law issues in Ohio. On this site we can help you find: It may seem difficult to find a lawyer who fits your problem and budget. However, there are times when it is especially important to hire a lawyer. You should do what you can to get a lawyer if: To find bar referral services from your local bar association, go to Legal Aid and Lawyers. To find out if your court has a self-help centre, check out government and community resources. How can we transform you from a civilian sector into a leader and officer in the Air Force? From education to training, your path to the Air Force is here.

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