Alienated from his lawyer father, an aspiring actor pretends to be a lawyer who becomes a celebrity because he deals with difficult cases. I`ve never written a review for a film, but after I see that, I have to write one. Maybe I saw the best screenplay ever written in Pakistan. Everyone needs to get acquainted with the main concept of the film through the trailer, but this film is not only about comedy and laughter, but also about some serious social issues brilliantly presented by the AIL team. Even you will see some political figures, including a telephone speech from the political leader. Everyone did a great job. Mehwish Hayat played a brilliant role in this film. I think in the next few days it will be difficult to get tickets for this film. A must to watch the movie – 10/10 on my side. P.S: Even my words can`t really define the movie Genius Story and Fahad Mustafa`s extraordinary acting. I have the impression that everyone who does not see it will miss it. The film is set in Karachi, Pakistan, and is true to the city`s culture.

It`s real and comforting. I would also recommend it to non-Pakistanis if you opt for something unique and fun. The songs are also in focus with Rahat FAK and Atif Aslam. The exceptional part of the film must be the plot. The story is unprecedented. The potential actor begins a career as a lawyer and uses his acting talents to succeed. The film takes an acute turn when the hero`s credentials are questioned, even though he fought for the masses against the powerful. The hero`s acting is impeccable and he is well supported by the female lead role and the others.

There is a lot of comedy that completes the story. The film also appeals to your emotions and delivers a message. The songs make you want to dance. This leaves you with good vibes. When we talked about Pakistani films, Waar sent the message that Pakistan can make much better films. Thanks to the main message at the front, Pakistan has developed several good films and they have reached the right ratio at the box office. When you see this result, it seems that our entire drama industry is moving towards the film industry, which is unfortunate. That`s why you can feel a dramatic touch in the Pakistani film industry. There are only a few films made that can be said to be a pure film that deserves to be seen on the big screen, and YES! Actor in law is one of them. The actor in the legal system goes to a person named Shan Mirza who wanted to be an actor, but in some circumstances he could not be an actor, but a lawyer. This is very well played by Fahad Mustafa.

So Shan Mirza used his acting skills in court, in a very amazing way that allows you to enjoy the film. Speaking of the other main actors, I didn`t expect anything good from Mehwish Hayat, but she also did her job and played a lady who wants to fight with the fundamental problems of the locals. Talk about Om Puri, I don`t need to say anything about him because he had a small but very important role and he did it very well. Overall, it was a very good comedy with a few emotional scenes at the end that you can enjoy with popcorn. So I suggest looking at this one. But it wasn`t just comedy, there were serious messages in the film that I ask you all to think about. Well, the title sums up what I have to say in this review, really. But, if you want details. I`d say I didn`t really find a moment that was particularly boring or anything like that.

That`s why I give it a perfect score of 10/rating. Because when I think of Pakistani films, I think of immature films! 😛 Although I am Pakistani, I still think we need to do a better job. If they wanted to, they could even improve THIS film, one way or another, I`m sure. But I couldn`t find such a point to improve. In short, I really enjoyed the film and recommend you to see it too! Well, I`m one of those people who are desperately pushing Pakistani cinema to revive. So if a film doesn`t contribute to that goal, I`m sad about it, and when a film is doing well, I`m a little excited about it. Talk specifically about this film. There are goods and not goods about it.

Compared to Pakistani film standards for directing, it was excellent. The illustrations of the song were carefully arranged, precise, with aesthetic values. All the songs were surprisingly catchy and fit the situation very well. Nabil`s brief performance was refreshing and it was good to know that he could dance. The first half of the film was funny and captivating. Only for a while, I felt that it was dragging on a little, but otherwise I enjoyed it a lot. You wouldn`t expect Nabil to lack humor anyway. However, there are other things I will talk about in the next few paragraphs.

In addition to humor, the idea of addressing public issues had a positive effect and helped inspire the audience. Film after pause, in which Nabil had to bring the story to its climax and give us a happy ending, everyone could see what was going to happen. There were no surprises. In fact, the only surprise was that there were no surprises. Still, the film took so long to reach and overcome the obvious movements. The script as a whole did not have the depth required in the context of the film`s plot.

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