2002 Honda Xr 650R, SCOTTS STAB FMF PB EXAUST WITH POWER CORE MUFFLER. PRO TAPER BARS IMS PEGS STEP UP KIT $3 $200.00 The Honda XR200 is a 4-stroke trail bike manufactured in the United States from 1980 to 2002. It has a simple air-cooled 200cc engine that has little power, but there are reasons why it was so popular. 2002 Honda XR650L Dual Sport-Street Legal only 2,200 Miles Orig an owner since the new sale (recently deceased owner) to pay the discount. Comes with the Orig Manual and repair book, 2 keys and a clean NJ title. Also comes with 2 sets of tires! 2002 Honda XR650L Life may be full of compromises, but if you drive the Honda XR650L, your motorcycle won`t be one of them. As one of the most off-road motorcycles to ever carry a license plate, the XR650L uses the same four-valve four-valve, four-valve dry sump radial combustion chamber engine that dominated Baja for years. We may have added the convenience of electric start, a gear counterweight, and a larger gas tank, but we didn`t sacrifice the XR650L`s off-road performance thanks to the powerful 43mm Showa front fork and adjustable Pro-Link rear suspension. Engine · The bulletproof 644cc SOHC four-stroke engine generates power and torque well suited for on- and off-road driving. · The 42.5mm CV carburetor offers a clear throttle response, excellent maneuverability and maximum performance. · Gear-driven counterweight compensation minimizes vibration. · The dry sump engine maximizes performance by minimizing crankshaft winding and engine temperature. · O-ring drive chain #520 robust and requiring little maintenance.

Chassis/Suspension · The lightweight, semi-double mounting frame offers precise handling methods. · The XR-specific 43mm Showa cartridge fork offers 16-speed compression damping adjustment and excellent off-road performance. · The Pro-Link Single Shock rear suspension system features a fully adjustable 46mm Showa shock absorber for exceptional on- and off-road rear wheel control. · Lightweight, strong and durable aluminum swingarm with quickly removable XR400R rear wheel. · The front and rear disc brakes provide excellent braking power. · Passenger footrests mounted on the frame. · Aggressive dual-use front and rear tires offer excellent on- and off-road performance. · 18-inch rear wheel for a wider range of tires. Additional features · The combination of headlight/license plate and dual airflow directs fresh air into the engine. · High-performance 12-volt electrical system. · The motocross-style seat is comfortable and allows maximum movement of the rider.

· Lightweight protection of the piping motor. · Tool bag mounted on the rear wing. · The footrests widely folded and folded by nails are comfortable and self-cleaning. · Flex-mounted turn signals resist breaking strength. · The compact speedometer has a tripmeter/odometer and a neutral light as well as high beams, turn signals and side position indicators. · The convenient electric starter eliminates starting problems. · Choke easy to use in cold weather. Specifications: 644cc air-cooled engine, single cylinder, dry sump, four-stroke bore and stroke 100mm x 82mm compression ratio 8.3: 1 SOHC valve train, single 4-valve RFVC gasification, 42.5mm diaphragm type, CV transmission closing ratio, 5-speed Final Drive “O” front suspension chain 43mm adjustable cartridge fork with compression damping; 280mm Pro-Link rear suspension with adjustable single damping with spring preload, compression and rebound damping; 295 mm displacement front brake Single disc brake with double-piston caliper Rear brake Single disc with single-piston caliper Front tire 3.00 – 21 Rear dual-use tires 4.60 – 18 Double wheelbase 1455 mm (57.3 inches) Seat height 940 mm (37 in.) Dry weight 147 kg. (324 lbs) Fuel capacity 10.5 liters (2.3 imp.

gal.) IMHO: Sell the XR, add the $500 and take the road bike out of the box (WR/XRL/DR/KLX, etc.) Honda XR200R 2002 in very good condition. Well maintained / Low hours. @ 2002 Honda XR200R Aluminum Chassis and Loading Ramp Assemblies, All Bearings. Works well. Newer tires. – Do you know how much fun you can have on an off-road motorcycle? Why not find out? The XR200R is the first choice for thousands of recreational cyclists looking for an easy-to-drive machine that still works. 2002 HONDA XR200R Fully in stock except for BAJA lighting kit. The tires with titled and legal buttons for the road in NC Good work very well and are regularly maintained. Owned by a 70-year-old man, so don`t drive hard or abuse! Never had ethenol gas in it. No transactions please. Thank you for watching.

2002 Honda Xr 200R, I have a 2002 Honda Xr200r for sale in good condition must leave as soon as possible, ready to negotiate $ 1,000.00 2525586357 In any case, it is not practical. Or rather, if you REALLY wanted a road-certified XR200, you`d sell your “R” and buy an “L”. 2002 Honda Xr 200R, 2002 HONDA DIRT BIKE XR 200R. BEAUTIFUL LITTLE MOTORCYCLE. WORKS VERY WELL. ASK FOR $900 OR THE BEST DEAL. CALL OR WRITE RYAN @ 478-454-8525 $900.00 4784548525 I could buy my gf `92 xr200r from her and thought about making it legal. It`s a small, cheap, reliable, slow, cheap insurance, easy to start (I have too many tickets from my last bike!) and sounds like a blast. What do you think? Or am I just crazy? If you want to have the most off-road control, then you want to have as much traction at all times, and that`s what this bike does best.

Instead of having 50 horsepower just by turning the rear wheel, all 12 horsepower are put on the ground and keep you under control. The XR200 changed several times in the years leading up to its discontinuation, but most of the changes were made before 1992. The Pro-Link suspension was released in the early 80s, which made this bike tour beautiful with good maneuverability for a four-stroke trail machine. The rear shock was also not rebuildable like the previous generation and offered, to say the least, not really exhilarating performance. It starts with a basic driving technique, but it`s easy to develop bad habits. That`s why I want to put you on the right track in a matter of minutes with the right technology. Click here for my free training guide on all the basic driving techniques that will give you control and confidence.

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